How Green is Green Enough?


"If I install a tankless water heater am I green?"
"What if I choose bamboo wood floors over traditional Oak floors? Is that green?"
"Surely if I install solar panels that will make my house green, right?"

Each of these questions has the same answer: yes they are all green, but sometimes the answer may be no. There are manifold green techniques, materials and design strategies; but in some ways the green game is an art as well as a science. It isn't quite as simple as 1 + 1 = 2. Cost and performance of green materials and techniques are as varied as the climates of our planet. What works in Mozambique isn’t necessarily green on the Great Plains of Kansas. Additionally, the question of whether a method or material is green also depends on the costs associated with manufacturing and shipping materials themselves. A solar panel may “save” energy, but it may have hidden costs related to the fossil fuels used to ship it or the disposal of toxic wastes used to manufacture it. Our first priority must be responsible stewardship in construction, not merely jumping on the bandwagon of the newest and most fashionable green trends to appear in construction.

Responsible Stewardship

The past decade has seen a public groundswell of support for greater energy efficiency, phasing out fossil fuels and the incorporation of alternative fuel sources into homes and businesses. However, because of the complexities associated with life cycle costs, total carbon footprints, installation variance, and degradation of materials sometimes it is hard to tell what options are actually green and which ones are actually net losers.
That is why Guardian Creed Construction believes it is most important to focus on responsible stewardship in construction practices that go deeper than the green label and lingo. We have set out to make responsibly built homes and to educate future homeowners. We want future homeowners to understand the challenges and opportunities related to life cycle costs of materials, and how those costs can impact the actual costs of homeownership. At Guardian Creed, we feel just as passionate about creating educated and responsible homeowners as we do about creating beautiful, comfortable and sustainable homes.
Our goal is for our company and this platform to be one of the most accessible and beneficial resources you encounter as you move forward on the journey of responsible home ownership. Though not alone in these goals, we believe Guardian Creed Construction can give you the tools to make these decisions whether or not you purchase one of our homes. We have the long game in mind for both our potential customers as well as the precious resources we all share on this earth; but we hope you will come to depend upon us as a source of impartial and well-reasoned information as you make decisions about your future home.

Upcoming Topics

In the weeks to follow this website will provide detailed yet accessible analysis of many well known sustainable practices and materials. We will provide you with the reasons behind Guardian Creed’s design decisions, links to academic research, industry resources, and explanations and infographics which simplify these complex topics.

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