Making A Difference

A Look Back
With a background in engineering, architecture and computer programming our team is bringing a new approach to residential construction. In the technology sector if you are not developing new solutions and progressing your technology at every turn you will not survive. We apply that same mindset in construction. With every new project we are constantly advancing our engineering techniques, use of materials and finishes.

Learning From the Past

We are building from a strong family foundation in construction. We are third generation contractors in the Kansas City area. But, for us it is all about the lives we get to touch with our work. Our father taught us very young to take care of the people around us, "We are all God's children."

It is all about relationships. - Robert McGovern

Making a Difference Today

With rising energy prices and concerns about global climate change taking center stage on most nightly news broadcasts the word "green" has taken on a life of its own. But what does all this "green" actually mean?

What is Green?

In its simplest form green is supposed to mean efficient or responsible, but many green applications in residential construction fall far short on both of those points. What qualifies as green? Does saving 1% on your gas bill qualify as green? What about saving 5% on your electricity bill? What if the truth was that you are saving 5% on your electricity bill, but actually consuming more natural gas? So much attention is focused on is it "green" many times the deeper question of is it responsible gets lost.

That is why we have created our blog. Using our background in energy and engineering we help educate home buyers on the science and costs behind our "responsible" building approach. We know that an educated home buyer is the best "green" item we can ever build.

Looking to the Future

Creating the Technology of Tomorrow Where building technology is today is not where it will be in the future. We plan on leading that charge.